I own a small roofing company in Northern Virginia and we have installed 2 to 3 dozen Therma Vent roof systems. At first I was skeptical about how good this product would work. I have been roofing since the early 70’s and I haven’t seen any ventilation systems that really were worth the expense. We decided on the first install to check the attic temps before and after. On our first install the attic was in the 150 degree range on a 95 degree day. My customer called me after we installed the Therma vent system. I told them to call me when the next 95 degree day occurred. They were very excited when they called and told me the attic temp was only 103 at the peak of the roof and 95 at the base. At first I thought we had gotten lucky but roof after roof we had the same results. As I started getting more experience I really started offering this product to every one of my customers. Several things happened I wasn’t expecting. Very quickly my company became the experts in roof ventilation. About half of our customers chose this option which boosted our profits and I began out selling my competition because everyone wanted the best for their roof install. This system only cost about $2 per square foot; this is the installed price we charge a customer when installing the Therma Vent under a metal roof.  The Therma Vent actually saved my customers between 10% and 25% on their cooling costs from what they tell us.  We have installed this system on my Project manager’s home, and on my Foreman’s house and they have seen similar results on saving in their cooling costs.

At first I was a real novice and really didn’t know how to answer all the questions my customers asked me. This is where the Therma Vent folks really helped me. Just by studying their website I learned enough to explain in simple terms how this system works. Now with several dozen installed I am a walking advertisement for this roofing ventilation system. I highly recommend this roofing system and the folks at Therma Vent. I only wish they had offered this product years ago.