Metal Roof with Therma Vent System

This model has the Therma Vent system installed along with a standing seam metal roof.  The metal roofing has an energy star prepainted metal roof; the paint has a matte finish and reflects more of the heat than the glossy paints.

Now let’s take a look at the statistics for the day 9-8-2015 at 3:02 PM. Metal Roof with Therma Vent System The outside air temperature was 91.6 degrees and the base temperature was 103.5 and the peak was 112.2 degrees Fahrenheit.  From 1-5 PM the base temperature was over 100 degrees with the max temperature being 103.3 and the average being near 101.  That makes a 10 degree difference between the outside temperature and the base attic air temperature.

The Results for the Therma Vent speaks volumes because you cannot make up these results and the fact that the home that have been installed with Therma Vent out performed these models shows how well this product works in the field.  Normally lab test will show models that performed better than any real world result would ever.  But these models are not tested in a lab; they have been left out in the element to see what the real world results would be.

Let’s take a look at some of the models results to see how they compare on the base and peak temperatures:

Therma Vent Shingles:                                  Base 101              Peak 110
Therma Vent Metal:                                      Base 103.5           Peak 112.2
Industry Standard Ventilation:                  Base 116              Peak 127
No Ventilation:                                             Base 127              Peak 145+

The Therma Vent system is the only known product in America that can take a Traditional Asphalt Shingle roof’s Metal Roof with Therma Vent Systemattic temperature from 145+ at the peak and 127 at the base and change it into 110 at the peak and 101 at the base in a model form.  If you looked at the test cases 2 and 5 which the Therma Vent was installed on a real house that before had not ventilation, and the real attic temperature at the peak was 150+ on a 96 degree day and then changed down to 103 at the peak once it was installed on the same 96 degree day.

Please down load any of the excel spread sheets and take a look for yourself.  All the test results for all the test cases, the models and the houses were not taken by us; they were all recorded by third parties.  Take a look at our Test Comparison page for a full listing of what each model and house did.

Download the spreadsheet for Temperature Stats

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