Asphalt Shingle Roof with Therma Vent system

We have created this model with 2”x4” framing and the proper installation of Therma Vent which is over the main deck and then another piece of OSB Plywood over top Asphalt Shingle Roof with Therma Vent Systemof the Therma Vent panel.  We then installed a basic 3 Tab Asphalt Shingle over top of the OSB Plywood as you can see in the second picture below.  We wanted to create this model and have it show the same or similar stats that we have taken from our real houses that we have tested temperatures in with our Therma Vent.  The one main point that I want to mention is that this black Asphalt roof with the Therma Vent system out performs our Standing Seam Metal roof with the Therma Vent system which has an Energy star reflective matte paint.  This model shows the remarkable test results below.

Please feel free to down load the excel spread sheet at the bottom of this page to follow along with the model temperatures.  The Date that we have been comparing all of our test data with is 9-8-2015.  At 12:37 it was 89.5 Degrees outside air temperature and it was 93.2 Degrees inside the attic of our model at the base.  The base is the main temperature that we want to focus on because that is what your AC unit and insulation will be fighting against.  The Peak of the attic was 102 degrees at 12:37 on that same day.  The hottest this model got on that day was at 3:02 at this time the outside air temperature was 91.6, and the attic base was 100.6 and at the peak it was 110.4 Fahrenheit.  That makes a 9 degree difference from the outside temperature from the base attic temperature.  Later an hour later at 4:03 the outside air temperature was 91 Degrees and the base attic temperature was 100.1 degrees and the peak was 103.6 degrees Fahrenheit.  The outside temperature dropped by .6 of one degree and the base temperature dropped by .5 of one degree and the peak dropped by 6.8 degrees.  This shows how the system reacts and it is able to release the hot air fast and efficiently while the outside air temperature is still maintaining.

Asphalt Shingle Roof with Therma Vent SystemFrom 2:38-4:13 PM was the only time the base temperature rose above 100 degrees, so it was only over 100 for 95 minutes the entire day on 9-8-2015.  The average outside air temperature was 91 degrees while the average base temperature was 100.51 which is a 9.51 degrees difference during the hottest part of the day.

If you are trying to keep you AC set at 75 degree during the hottest part of this day then you would only have to overcome 25 degrees difference from for two hours and then for the rest of the day less than 25 degrees.  The differences between this Asphalt Shingle roofs with the Therma Vent system installed compared to the other Asphalt Shingle roofs with no ventilation and industry standard ventilation is at the hottest part of this day 9-8-2015.

Therma Vent:                                                    Base 101, Peak 110
Industry Standard Ventilation:                     Base 116, Peak 127
No Ventilation:                                                Base 127, Peak 145+

These Results Speak for themselves as they all have Asphalt Shingle Roofs on the same day and time.  What I find interesting about these models is that our Therma Vent system on the house that we ran tests on for House with Asphalt with Therma Vent system received even better results than this model that had the same black asphalt shingles with the Therma Vent system.  In the Test Comparisons I will compare all the data in detail with all the test cases

Download the spreadsheet for Temperature Stats

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