What does Therma Vent do?

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Anonymous asked 2 years ago

I’m not quite sure what therma Vent does

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Paul Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi, Thanks for you question.  Therma Vent is a system that stops all 3 ways that heat is transferred.  This system goes under a shingle or metal roof and is a venting system for under the roof and allows air to come into the attic space.  It also releases the heat by way of a certified ridge vent allowing all the heat build up that is under the roof to escape and allows for all the hot air in the attic to escape.  Ventilation is only one way that this product works by releasing the convective heat, it also uses a Radiant barrier to stop the radiant waves of the sun, and also using the Therma Vent panel itself which is made up of polystyrene to act as a thermal break and stop the direct heat transfer, it stops what is called thermal bridging from occurring.  For more info please check these two link what should help you answer more questions you might have.
Here is a link to our FAQ, if you click on the answer you will be able to see the answer and then we have a video for you to watch that explains the answer in detail.
Here is a link to the How it Works Page, this is a great page that explains your questions in detail.
Thanks for you question, and if you have any other Questions Please ask!, 
CEO of Therma Vent

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