Can cross-battens ASV save energy in winter?

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Anonymous asked 2 years ago

I have looked through you faq and you state that in winter it can help reduce you heating, or Therma Vent can ask as ventilation during the winter.  The study that was done by Oak Ridge National Lab in 2006 did in fact state that it helped, but can you give me more info or help me under stand why, also about a metal roof vs. asphalt with a Therma Vent Install? Is one better than the other.

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Paul Staff answered 2 years ago

Referring the testing done at Oak Ridge National Lab study in 2006, what we have found through years of experience and numerus studies on real homes, is that Oak Ridge studies are a good place to start, but not a good place for us to tell customers that the same will happen in their home.  If you think about it, the studies they have completed where not on your house and most of them are in a lab.    We put thermometers in attic spaces to see if the Oak Ridge Lab tests hold true in real life situations.  There are so many variables when doing testing, but we have found that on cooler nights and days the temperatures are a few degrees warmer in the attics with the Therma Vent roofs which is a above sheathing ventilation system vs. the other given attics without ventilation or with industry standard soffit and ridge ventilation. 
But to answer your questions about saving you on electric costs in the winter, we have not seen any huge saving in the winter months, it will not hurt you having a above sheathing ventilation system installed.  It will help the most if you have a radiant barrier to stop the radiant heat, and a Thermal Break to stop the direct heat and lastly an air gap to allow ventilation which allows the convective heat to vent out.  If you stop all three ways heat is transferred you have hit a home run.  We have found saving here with customers in Virginia of up to $100 a month in the Summer, so if you are coming from a southern state you will not likely see any saving in winter months, but possibly a huge savings in the summer, depending on your current attic insulation, how old you windows and door are and age of your house and how it was constructed and if it is one or two stories.  If you told me those variable I would be able to figure depending on your average temperature during the summer days around what saving you could see.  Also I could tell you what temperature your attic is probably right now with what type of roofing system you have and what if any current soffit, ridge vent, or turbine, gable or power vents you have.  With proper industry standard venting in Virginia on an asphalt shingle roof, meaning soffit and ridge vents on a 90-95 degree day your attic will be 125-130 degrees, and without proper ventilation you will be 150 degrees or greater.  With roofs that have been installed with Therma Vent we have seen the average house’s attics down to 103 at the peak and within the same or about 5 degree greater at the base of the attic on a 90-95 degree day.
Hope that Helps,  I answered this questions in a you tube video and here is the link:


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