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Can you make black asphalt shingles the most energy efficient roof in America? Now you Can!

“Why would I want this Ventilation system?”What Would I want this Ventilation System

  • ROI real life situation
  • Reducing the Heat in the attic will make your AC unit last longer
  • Your Roof Shingles will last longer
  • Reduce or eliminate Ice Damming
  • Reduces or eliminates mold and mildew


ROI Real Life Situation

A customer that had the Therma Vent installed under his new metal roof reported that he saved $100 on his cooling bill during one month in the summer.  He lived in the Washington D.C area and summers do not get much above 90-95 degrees on the high side.  The cost for an average Therma Vent installation on a average roof is 2,000 Square feet and the cost to have it installed on a metal roof that size is around $4,000.  100 dollar bills isolated on white background closeupThe savings would be around $500 per years and the ROI would be 8 years.  That is without taking into account Inflation or the cost of materials and labor that will go up in eight years.  After eight years he will get a savings of $500 per year for the life of his roof which on that metal roof will be 100-150 years. If you did the savings on that it would be in the hundreds of thousands in todays dollars.  This shows a real ROI and this is in the Mid-Atlantic, if you live in a location that gets over 100 degrees for 3 months or more like Dallas, Texas you will save even more.

Reducing the Heat in the Attic will make your AC unit Last Longer

On a customer that we did tests on the attic before the Contractor installed the Therma Reducing the HeatVent system, we notices when we were there talking with the customers that their AC unit did not turn off the entire time we were there.  We tested the inside temperature of the sheetrock and it was 88 degrees.  This was a big problem and the AC unit never caught up or turned off ever.  This will reduce how long your AC unit lasts.  Once we installed the Therma Vent System it reduced the attic air temperature from 150 degrees down to less than 100 at the base of the attic.  There AC unit now would cycle and turn off.  Can you put a price on not having to replace your AC unit sooner than later?


Your Roof Shingles Will Last Longer?

Some studies have found that if the temperature of the Asphalt Shingle on a given roof is reduces that it might make it last longer by 1 or 2 years.  Search the web and your head will be spinning with debates on this topic.  One thing you will notice is that even studies by those who hold PHD degrees only do studies on what products have been installed for years with old building science techniques that are normally dates back a few hundred years.  Plus most of the studies are only comparing the temperatures in Shingles by a few degrees, meaning 1 or 2 degrees, some they were testing attic temperatures and said if your attic was 9 degrees cooler than your Shingles would last longer.

Your Roof ShinglesI have some questions for you; if your attic is 150 degrees and you reduce at temperature by 3 degrees do you think you will see that your roof lasts 2-3 years longer? Probably not, Shingle granules are made with tar and as it gets hotter if you walk on it you can damage your roof and even melt you’re shows, I know from personal experience.  Now for the next questions if you attic was only 99 degrees and you had venting underneath your shingles to allow for the heat to dissipate do you think your Shingles would last longer?  I will tell you the biggest problem for some who hold PHD in building science is that they have studied old building techniques for so long, seeing what this product has accomplished is hard to believe, and truth be told it is hard to believe.

Reduce or Eliminate Ice Damming

Reduce-or-eliminate-Ice-DammingIce Damming occurs when the warmer air melts the snow on your roof and when that melted snow hits the overhang on your roof it refreezes causing a freeze thaw cycle and if that happens enough as it refreezes it will work its way under the shingles and then melt into your attic and into your home.  Therma Vent reduces or stops all together Ice Damming from occurring by keeping the temperature underneath your roofing surface constant almost eliminating the freeze thaw cycles on roofs.


Reduces or Eliminates Mold and Mildew

Have you ever gone into your attic or a friend’s attic and notices a musty smell?  That is most likely due to improper ventilation.  In fact over 90 percent of homes we see do not even have Reduces-or-Eliminates-Mold-and-Mildewindustry standard ventilation, which is even lacking.  When moist air is trapped in the attic or is not ventilated it will created mold and mildew.  Therma Vent reduces or eliminates that from even becoming a problem by always venting out moist air from the attic and from under the roof system, this is the only ventilation system that vents both the attic and the roof itself at the same time allow for an even exchange for air bringing in fresh air and allowing air to escape.

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