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Energy-EfficientThe Owners of Therma Vent started out by way of the Residential Metal Roofing Industry.  They currently own “Alpha Rain Inc.” which has been the reason for the development of the Therma Vent Product line.  The Average age home they work on is 150 years old, and what they found is that in these old homes that was no thought to ventilation.  They even found in new homes most builders do not know how to properly vent the attic, and in the case that a builder or architect does spec of install the industry standard ventilation by way of a ridge vent and soffit vent, they found that those attics are still at a temperature of over 130 degrees on average.  They started over 12 years ago trying innovative ways that were cost effective to the home owners to vent the hot attic and release some of the heat.  What they found was that most all the creative ways worked to some degree but not all of them were financially reasonable for the home owner wallets. After testing dozens of types of systems they created the Therma Vent System that is the only effective Product in America that stops all three ways heat is transferred.

Therma Vent is unlike any other product in the way it was designed.  It was created by Metal Roofers for a professional installation while still maintaining the cost value to the customer.  Our Goal was to make a product that was affordable while maintaining the high quality of American made products.  We have accomplished just that and are the only company that can boast the results we have pertaining to Ventilation and reducing your attic air temperature to near the outside air temperature.  Therma Vent actually has a “ROI” (Return On Investment) by way of savings in your Cooling costs.

We are constantly looking for new and improved ways to make our products even more efficient and cost effective, if you have questions or comments please look at the “Contact Us Page” or for more info look at our “Video” Tab

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